Homicide – 1800 block E. Howard – 10/18/2016

On 101816, at about 12:08 a.m., Clovis Police Department Dispatch received a 911 call from a male subject requesting an ambulance to the 2800 block of South Tennessee (the address was subsequently identified as the 1800 block of East Howard Street) because someone had been hurt and that there was a “man down” named Jimmy Stotts (61 years of age). The male caller, his voice quivering, said he had heard  screaming, and was told to call an ambulance. In the background of the call, a female voice is heard crying and stating “he’s not breathing”.
On arrival, Deputies made contact with Wilma Stotts (69 years of age) near the front door of 1801 East Howard Street.  According to Deputies, Wilma stated “he stabbed him”. Contact was also made with another person on scene who told Deputies that “he” was hurt “real bad”. Deputies asked Wilma where “he” was and were told  behind the front door. When asked who did this, Wilma Stotts stated her son, Ricky Goodman (42 years of age), had done this. Deputies went to the front door of the trailer and tried to get inside but the door was blocked. Deputies and Officers of the Clovis Police Department pushed open the front door, immediately noticing a black male subject lying on the floor. The male subject, later  identified as Jimmy Stotts, did not appear to be breathing and there was a pool of blood around his head. Deputies and Officers entered the home conducting a security sweep of the residence. No other persons were found in the home.
Shortly after this, an ambulance arrived on scene.  Just after their arrival, Clovis Fire Department ambulance crew discontinued
life saving measures. Following this, Detectives from the Clovis Police Department were contacted and the Major Crimes Unit
(MCU) was activated.
At about 1:40 a.m., Officers of the Clovis Police Department and Deputies of the Curry County Sheriff’s Office located Ricky Goodman (42 years of age) at a residence in the County, south of the crime scene. He was transported to the Clovis Police Department for interview.
At the Clovis Police Department, Ricky Goodman was interviewed by members of the MCU after advising him of his rights.  During the interview, Ricky Goodman recounted an argument that turned physical between himself and Jimmy Stotts. The argument eventually became a physical fight, Ricky Goodman stating he was getting beaten by Jimmy Stotts and during this, Goodman “started hitting him” (Jimmy Stotts) with his knife.
An arrest warrant for an open count of Murder was generated for Ricky Goodman. Goodman was transported to the Curry County Detention Center and is being held on $250,000.00 bond.