Clovis Police 2017 Award Ceremony – 12/02/2017

During the December 2nd, 2017 Clovis Police Department Christmas dinner, Clovis Police Chief Douglas Ford took the opportunity to recognize law enforcement officers and department employees for their work during the year in protecting Clovis residents. This year’s recognition’s included medals presented to several police officers who responded to the August 28th incident at the Clovis-Carver Library. Lifesaving awards were presented to several officers for various incidents of bravery displayed throughout the year while responding to calls for service. Chief Ford also recognized Clovis dispatchers for their professionalism and support during calls for assistance, particularly during the August 28th Library incident.

“Our officers dedicate their lives to serving the community, going above and beyond the call for duty in risking their own lives to protect or prolong the lives of others,” advised Chief Ford, Thursday. In relation to the August 28th incident at the Library, Ford added: “Our dispatchers, as always, showed outstanding professionalism during this extremely difficult incident.”

“I would like to commend both Clovis police officers and dispatchers for their outstanding commitment in protecting Clovis area residents throughout the year,” advised Clovis City Manager, Justin Howalt, Thursday.

“There have been some particularly difficult calls the department has had to address, and throughout these our
community’s police department has always gone above and beyond the call of duty.”

The following list shows the officers and dispatchers who received awards this year. There were 8 employees who received years of service awards ranging from 5-20 years of service.


Officers receiving the “Combat Cross”:

  • Chief Douglas Ford
  • MPO Det David Sandoval
  • MPO Det Dale Rice

Officer Receiving the “Police Medal”:

  • Capt. Roman Romero
  • Capt. Roger Dial
  • Lt. Steven Wright
  • Lt. Lyndell Stansell
  • Sgt. Jon Howard
  • Sgt. James Gurule (2 awards)
  • Sgt. Rafael Aguilar
  • MPO Jared Romero
  • MPO Daniel Casarez
  • Det. Rick Smith
  • Det. Randall Pitcock
  • Off. Pedro Bolin
  • Off. Kendrick Navales
  • Off. Quentin Bryant
  • Off. Jared Herrington
  • Off. Joseph Settle
  • Off. Travis Loomis

Officers receiving the “Life Saving” award:

  • Sgt Trevor Thron
  • MPO Moe Parker
  • MPO Brian Wanzor
  • MPO Brent Aguilar
  • Off John Hong (2 awards)
  • Off Antonio Orozco
  • Off Haley Levy

Officers receiving the “Meritorious Service” award:

  • Lt. Robbie Telles
  • MPO Roland Kroeger
  • MPO Bart Phillips
  • Off. Travis Loomis

Dispatchers receiving “Unit Citation”:

  • Erik Galvan
  • Adriana Corrales
  • Ethan Baldock
  • Amber Ruiz
  • Gina Styring

Officers receiving “Military Service” ribbon:

  • MPO Roland Kroeger
  • MPO Russell Gould
  • Off. John Hong

Officers receiving “Academic Award”

  • Off. Jordan Riddle
  • Off. John Hong
  • Off. Kristen Tracy

Officers receiving Certificate’s of Commendation:

  • Sgt. Rafael Aguilar
  • Off. Darren McPherson