Escapee Captured – 1600 blk. Cameo – 08/07/2018

On Tuesday, August 7, 2018, at about 9:00 a.m., information was developed as to the whereabouts of Kaitlyn Arington (25 years of age). Arington had escaped from the Curry County Adult Detention Center on August 6, 2018. Agents of the Region 5 Drug Task Force began surveillance of the residence where Arington was supposed to be staying. At about 9:53 a.m., Agents of the Region 5 Drug Task Force, Deputies of the Curry County Sheriff’s Office, and Officers of the Clovis Police Department, converged on the residence. Subjects in the residence refused to answer the door.

Law Enforcement set a perimeter on the residence pending the generation of a search warrant. During this wait, a subject exited the home and was detained. This subject relayed that Arington and David Gibson (39 years of age) were in the home. Gibson was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant, and was a known associate of Arington. The subjects had crawled into the attic of the residence and refused to communicate with Officers.

Clovis Police Department SWAT was deployed to the scene and a plan to extract Arington and Gibson was coordinated with the Curry County Sheriff. Subjects were warned that an irritating gas, commonly referred to as “tear gas” was going to be deployed into the attic. Gibson made contact with Officers and was taken into custody without incident. Arington refused to answer calls for her surrender to law enforcement. An irritant gas was deployed into the attic. Within fifteen minutes, Arington surrendered to authorities. Arington and Gibson were treated for minor injuries caused by hiding in the attic and exposure to the irritating gas.

David Gibson was taken into custody for his outstanding arrest warrant, possession with intent to traffic methamphetamine. He was transported to the Curry County Adult Detention Center. Arington was taken to Plains Regional Medical Center and will be transported to the Curry County Adult Detention.

This investigation was a coordinated effort of Law Enforcement entities including the Clovis Police Department, the Curry County Sheriff’s Office, the Region 5 Drug Task Force and the New Mexico Adult Probation and Parole Office.