Accreditation Process

In 2009, the Clovis Police Department accepted the challenge of becoming a New Mexico Law Enforcement Accredited Police Agency. This process consisted of the department evaluating, rewriting policy and procedure and changing some policing practices to come into compliance with two-hundred and fifty-three (253) standards addressing policing.

The accreditation process is an on-going process in which the Clovis Police Department continually evaluates policy and procedure against these established criteria.  We must then prove written documentation we are in compliance with these standards.

The goals of the accreditation process are to:

  • Include strengthening the capability to prevent and address crime,
  • Formalizing management and administrative procedures,
  • Establishing fair and non-discriminatory personnel practices,
  • Improving service delivery and,
  • Boosting the confidence of citizens in the department

This process took just under three (3) years to complete. In August 2012, an on-site assessment of the police department was accomplished by a team of independent, trained professional peers. They inspected our police equipment, interviewed department personnel and examined all of our written documentation to ensure our compliance with the accreditation program.

On December 8th, 2012, the Clovis Police Department was presented with an “Accreditation Certificate” indicating our completion of the accreditation process. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment, as it is no easy task.

Although the Department is now an accredited agency, work continues to ensure we are preparing to meet the challenge of the re-accreditation process.