Release Date: 8/12/2014
Incident Type:  School Zone Awareness And School Zone Speed Enforcement in Clovis
Contact Person: Sergeant Daron Roach, 575-763-9427

The Clovis Police Department would like to remind everyone the local schools are back in session as of Monday, August 18, 2014. In the morning hours, prior to school and in the afternoon following school letting out, Officers of the Clovis Police Department will be conducting speed enforcement and traffic safety patrols in the designated school zones. Officers will be specifically targeting speeders in these areas. The school zones are clearly marked and are a maximum speed of 15 Miles Per Hour.  We are asking everyone to please pay special attention to your speed and watch out for the children and crossing guards, as well as, school buses loading and offloading children at schools and in the neighborhoods.

The Clovis Police Department would like to remind you that Officers will be out in force to make sure that the children and crossing guards are safe in the designated school zones all school year. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy for speeding in school zones. The fine for speeding in a school zone is $161.  It is also illegal to pass a stopped or stopping school bus that has its stop sign deployed and flashing warning lights activated. The fine for passing a school bus when loading or unloading children is also $161.