Property and Evidence

Trina Murray,  Property/Evidence Manager

Office/Voicemail: (575) 763-9433

Hours:  Monday – Friday 8:00 – 12:00 & 12:30 – 4:30

Occasionally Closed for Court, Holidays and Vacation

The Clovis Police Department’s Property and Evidence Unit is staffed with one civilian employee.  The Unit provides for the safe, efficient and careful handling and the preservation of all property and evidence that comes into the Department’s control and ensures that all actions with the property and evidence are accurately documented until it is no longer needed for investigative purposes or court proceedings and can be either returned to the owner or disposed of.

The majority of property and evidence releases require both the investigating officer and the District Attorney’s Office authorization prior to release.  Some may also require individual background checks to ensure eligibility to receive the property.  Therefore, you may receive an appointment time for a later date to return for the property.  Sometimes the property and evidence may need to be retained for additional court proceedings or further investigations.

Photo identification is required for all property and evidence releases.  The rightful owner may designate another person to pick up their property by power of attorney or notarized letter.

The most common problem with returning property is locating the owner due to changes in address, telephone numbers, and telephone disconnections.  If you have property in the Property and Evidence Unit, please keep the Unit informed of all changes.  Due to space limitations, property and evidence may be destroyed 90 days after the completion of court proceedings.