SRT/SWAT (Special Response Team)

The Clovis Police Departments Special Response Team is comprised of a Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Unit, Crisis Negotiation Unit and SRT Command Unit.

swat photo 1

The SWAT Unit is comprised of fourteen (14) police officers and three (3) Tactical Medics, who are current firefighter/medics with the Clovis Fire Department, that all completed a rigorous testing and selection process.

The Crisis Negotiation Unit consists of three (3) specialty trained negotiators who’s job is to attempt to communicate with suspects involved in barricaded/hostage crisis situations in an attempt to bring the situation to a peaceful resolution. The SRT Command Unit consists of a Lieutenant assigned as the SRT Team Commander and the subordinate Team Leaders of the SWAT Unit and Crisis Negotiation Unit.

swat photo 3The Special Weapons and Tactics Unit consists of specialty trained operators. Once assigned to the team, the police officers obtain training by attending a Basic SWAT Operators School. Two of the team snipers have attended an Advanced Sniper Weapons School. The SWAT Unit is responsible for tactical objectives to save lives and resolve high risk situations with a minimum amount of force, personal injury and property damage. The Special Response Team trains several times a month to maintain proficiency in their specialized skills.

swat photo 4