Records Department

Phone: 575-763-9428

The Records Department consists of five employees who handle all of the incoming requests of incident/accident reports, court dispositions, background checks and fingerprints.  The Records Department is the information hub and holding office for public records for the Clovis Police Dept.

In accordance with the “Inspection of Public Records Act Compliance Guide” provided by the office of the Attorney General for the State of New Mexico, Chapter I, 14-2-8, paragraph D, which states, “a written request shall permit the inspection immediately or as soon as is practicable under the circumstances, within 3 business days, but not later than fifteen days.”  Please allow us time in order to complete all requests received.  All requests received will be worked in the order they are received.

Services and Fees provided by the Records Department include:

Copies of Incident and Accident Reports ($2.00 per report)

If you are listed as the victim on the report, your report will be free.  If you are any other party, the report will be $2.00.  If you are not sure, please contact us.  We require payment before reports can be faxed or mailed.  Please have the following information available when calling for a report:

  • Report Number
  • Date and Time of Incident/Accident
  • Location of Incident/Accident
  • Caller information (if applicable)
  • Name of Officer who took the report
  • Names of parties involved (if available)

Information not released to public:

  • Medical Information
  • Suspect Information (if no arrest has been made)
  • Juvenile Information (child abuse)

Please see link below for Open Records Act and extended information available for public viewing.

Traffic Accident Reports Available on Internet

The Clovis Police Department is dedicated to the ability to obtain accurate and affordable traffic accident reports within 1-4 business days of occurrence.  To accomplish this we have made all traffic accident reports available through the Internet. was chosen by the Clovis Police Dept. to service all of our insurance agencies requests for reports.  Individuals may also obtain copies of their accident reports through this website if they choose.  Please visit web site to request accident reports.

Copies of Court Verdicts/Dispositions ($1.00 per page, if available)

Please contact the Records Dept. to make sure we possess the disposition before mailing a payment.  Listed below is a link for NM Courts.  If you are only needing the verdict and not a copy of the original verdict refer to this link.

Call Logs ($1.00 per page)

In an incident where a report is not available or was not written, you are welcome to pick up a copy of the call that came into dispatch.

Background Checks

The Records Department conducts background checks Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Please Bring a Social Security Card and a Photo ID to the Police Dept.  If you are not in the local area, please contact us at (575) 763-9428.  If you are wanting someone else to have the check done on you please fill out a written authorization (PDF at bottom of page) and have it notarized.  If you have any arrests or citations (other than traffic), the cost will be $10.  If you do not have any arrests, the cost will be $5.  We require the payment before we can fax or mail information.

Fingerprint Services

The Clovis Police Department provides fingerprint services to the community through a cooperative effort with the State of New Mexico and 3M/Cogent contract. You must first register on-line with 3M/Cogent at under the New Mexico icon. You will need to fill out the information on-line and obtain a registration ID number from the website and have arranged for payment before the fingerprint site at the Clovis Police Department can process your fingerprints. Department of Health applicants will receive a Document Control Number.  All other applicants will receive a Registration ID.  Write this number on the back of your fingerprint cards.You will either need to pay by credit card on the site or you may bring a Money Order or Cashiers Check to the police department made out to 3M/Cogent. No personal checks or cash money will be accepted. The fingerprint site at the Clovis Police Department cannot process your fingerprint request through the system without the registration ID number or Document Control Number from DOH. You must also bring a valid identification with you to prove your identity. Forms of acceptable ID are listed on the website at under Useful Information in the FAQs section.

Fingerprinting Hours:

Tuesdays from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM and Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Other Fees:

If you are a law firm who is requesting information in regards to a particular case, we ask that you fax or mail a written request (to wit: subpoena, discovery order, etc.).  Once the information is gathered, you will be contacted by a representative from our agency or faxed an invoice with the total amount owed.  We require the payment before we will mail information to your firm.  The Clovis Police Dept. does have special fees, if you need more information please contact us at the phone number below.

***If at anytime during the process, you decide the information is no longer needed we ask that you contact us as soon as possible.  If you fail to contact us before we have finished conducting the research, you will be held accountable for the monies owed.***

Forms of Payment for Services

We are now accepting Credit Cards and Debit Cards. There is a Convenience Fee of $1.95 per transaction up to $100 in addition to any fees for services. The rate increases incrementally above $100. If you are mailing the payment, we ask that you send check or money order, pay to the order of City of Clovis. We ask that you mail your requests or payments to:

Clovis Police Dept.
Attn:  Records
300 Connelly St.
Clovis, NM  88101

Phone: (575) 763-9428
Business Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


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