Support Services Lieutenant


Lieutenant Robbie Telles – Quartermaster/Support Services Division Lieutenant/Records Custodian

Office/Voicemail: (575) 763-9452

In February 2015, Lt. Telles was assigned as the Support Services Division Lieutenant, which incorporates responsibilities of supervision over the Records Unit and Property/Evidence Unit as well as being the department’s Quartermaster. Lt. Telles has been assigned to the Field Services Division overseeing the evening Graves and Swings Shifts as Shift Watch Commander. Lt. Telles is also a SWAT Team Operator and SWAT Team Leader.

Lt. Telles has worked at the line-level as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, SWAT Officer, Gang Unit Officer, Detective and a Narcotics Agent. As a Sergeant he has supervised in the Field Services Division and Special Operations Unit.