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DWI Enforcement – February 2017

February 2017 Officers of the Clovis Police Department will be conducting Enforcement Patrol Hours within the City of Clovis.

Operation Buckle Down is also funded by Grants provided by the State of New Mexico and are also in effect. The Clovis Police Department would like to remind everyone to wear their seat belts while travelling in a vehicle.

Officers will be specifically targeting drunk and drug impaired drivers. We ask that people please remember that it is also illegal to drive under the influence prescription drugs that may impair their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. The ODWI Grant makes this possible from Safer New Mexico Now.

The Clovis Police Department would like to remind you that Law Enforcement Officers throughout New Mexico will be out in force to make sure that drunk drivers don’t cause tragedy on the roads this year. Remember, Sobriety Checkpoints are everywhere and if you “Drink and Drive, You Lose!”

Vehicle vs. Bicycle – Traver/Weston – 02/06/2017

On February 4, 2017 approx. 3:45 pm Officers from the Clovis Police Department responded to the area of Traver and Weston streets in reference to a vehicle striking a child on a bicycle.

Eileen De-Larosa was driving south on Traver when she approached the intersection and a minor child riding a bicycle was travelling east on Weston. De-Larosa’s vehicle struck the child when she was making a turn.

The child was transported to PRMC and later flown to Lubbock. The child was in stable condition later that evening. The incident is pending further investigation. Details will be released when available.

The Clovis Police Department wants to remind everyone with warmer temperatures, bicyclist, motorcyclists, and pedestrians will be out on the streets. Please be careful when driving and observe your surroundings.

Fatal Vehicle Crash – 3100 blk. Wallace – 12/03/2016

On December 3rd 2016 at approximately 1:30 am, Officers with the Clovis Police were dispatched to the 3100 Block of Wallace for a vehicle crash. When Officers arrived they discovered Ramon Rivera (Clovis) (24) received injuries sustained in the crash and was transported to PRMC. There were no other occupants in the vehicle. The vehicle was travelling south on Wallace, and struck a parked pickup. Rivera was transported to Lubbock, TX due to his injuries.

Clovis Dispatch received a phone call from University Medical Center Lubbock TX at 8:43 AM MST, stating Rivera had passed away due to his injuries.

Clovis Police Departments Major Crash Team was activated and responded to the scene. Crash investigation is on-going, details of the crash will be released at a later date.

Fatal Vehicle Crash – 2100 Blk N. Thornton – 11/24/2016

On November 24th 2016 at approximately 8:32 am, Officers with the Clovis Police were dispatched to the 2100 Block of North Thornton for a single vehicle crash.

When Officers arrived they discovered Edward Altieri (Albuquerque) (25) had passed away due to injuries sustained in the crash. There were no other occupants in the vehicle.

The vehicle was travelling north on Thornton, crossed the intersection of 21st at a high rate of speed, and lost control. The vehicle struck a utility pole and came to rest in the drainage ditch north of the intersection.

Clovis Police Departments Major Crash Team was activated and responded to the scene. Crash investigation is on-going, details of the crash will be released at a later date.

Vehicle/Home Burglaries During Holiday Season – 11/21/2016

Every Holiday Season there are several reported vehicle and home burglaries in which the victim’s property was targeted as a crime of opportunity. Doors to vehicles and homes had been left unlocked by the victims and the burglars were looking for such unsecured property as an easy opportunity to steal.

The other issue is that of securing high value items such as purses, wallets, firearms and gifts that are left in personal vehicles while people are out shopping at the local mall and merchant stores during the Christmas Holiday Season. Please remember to secure these items and not leave them in your car overnight or when going shopping, as these items are the target of opportunity for these thieves. Secure gift purchases in the trunk or covered area in your vehicle out of sight of prying eyes. Make trips home to secure high value gifts. Please remember to “LOCK IT, HIDE IT, OR LOSE IT!”

Always be alert to your surroundings while shopping and going in and out of parking lots at retailer’s stores. Would be burglars and thieves are looking for you; you should be on the lookout for them! The Clovis Police Department would like to remind people to please report suspicious activity that you see in the community and in your neighborhood this Holiday Season. Don’t deny the problem!

Contact the Clovis Police Department at (575) 769-1921 or in case of an emergency dial 911.

Aggravated Battery – 400 blk East 2nd – 10/24/2016

On October 24, 2016, at about 12:58 p.m., Officers of the Clovis Police Department were dispatched to the 400 block of East 2nd Street in reference to an injured subject.  Once on scene, Officers made contact with a 25 year old male who had sustained a bullet wound to his upper left thigh.  The victim was stabilized and was transported to Plains Regional Medical Center for treatment.  At PRMC, the victim was interviewed by a Detective but refused to assist law enforcement in identifying his assailant.
Detectives of the Clovis Police Department Special Operations Unit were activated and the investigation into this event continues.
Anyone having any information about this case is asked to contact the Clovis Police Department.

Homicide – 1800 block E. Howard – 10/18/2016

On 101816, at about 12:08 a.m., Clovis Police Department Dispatch received a 911 call from a male subject requesting an ambulance to the 2800 block of South Tennessee (the address was subsequently identified as the 1800 block of East Howard Street) because someone had been hurt and that there was a “man down” named Jimmy Stotts (61 years of age). The male caller, his voice quivering, said he had heard  screaming, and was told to call an ambulance. In the background of the call, a female voice is heard crying and stating “he’s not breathing”.
On arrival, Deputies made contact with Wilma Stotts (69 years of age) near the front door of 1801 East Howard Street.  According to Deputies, Wilma stated “he stabbed him”. Contact was also made with another person on scene who told Deputies that “he” was hurt “real bad”. Deputies asked Wilma where “he” was and were told  behind the front door. When asked who did this, Wilma Stotts stated her son, Ricky Goodman (42 years of age), had done this. Deputies went to the front door of the trailer and tried to get inside but the door was blocked. Deputies and Officers of the Clovis Police Department pushed open the front door, immediately noticing a black male subject lying on the floor. The male subject, later  identified as Jimmy Stotts, did not appear to be breathing and there was a pool of blood around his head. Deputies and Officers entered the home conducting a security sweep of the residence. No other persons were found in the home.
Shortly after this, an ambulance arrived on scene.  Just after their arrival, Clovis Fire Department ambulance crew discontinued
life saving measures. Following this, Detectives from the Clovis Police Department were contacted and the Major Crimes Unit
(MCU) was activated.
At about 1:40 a.m., Officers of the Clovis Police Department and Deputies of the Curry County Sheriff’s Office located Ricky Goodman (42 years of age) at a residence in the County, south of the crime scene. He was transported to the Clovis Police Department for interview.
At the Clovis Police Department, Ricky Goodman was interviewed by members of the MCU after advising him of his rights.  During the interview, Ricky Goodman recounted an argument that turned physical between himself and Jimmy Stotts. The argument eventually became a physical fight, Ricky Goodman stating he was getting beaten by Jimmy Stotts and during this, Goodman “started hitting him” (Jimmy Stotts) with his knife.
An arrest warrant for an open count of Murder was generated for Ricky Goodman. Goodman was transported to the Curry County Detention Center and is being held on $250,000.00 bond.

Vehicle Crash Involving Ambulance – 7th/Main – 09/06/2016

On September 06, 2016 at approx. 9:21 Am calls were received by the Clovis Dispatch Center advising that a motor vehicle crash had occurred on 7th and Main and that a Clovis Fire Department Ambulance was involved.  Members of the Clovis Fire Department and Police Department arrived and discovered a two vehicle crash happened just south of the Clovis Carver Library on 7th.

An Ambulance was travelling west on 7th when it was struck by a pickup truck traveling East.  Three patients were transported from the scene by Clovis Fire Department Ambulances to PRMC-Clovis.  An additional patient was airlifted from the scene by AeroCare to a Lubbock hospital.

Patient conditions at this time are unavailable. At this time the crash is under investigation by Clovis Police Department Major Crash Team.  Any further details will be made available at a later time

Suspect Arrested in Connection with Shooting of Clovis Police Officer

On Wednesday, August 31, 2016, at about 5:10 p.m., Officers of the Clovis Police Department were dispatched to the 900 block of Mitchell Street, Lindsey Law Office, in reference to Anthony Baca (34 years of age).  Anthony Baca was wanted on an outstanding felony arrest warrant of Assault with Intent to Commit a Violent Felony on a Peace Officer, for an incident that occurred in Clovis on August 29, 2016. Officers arrived on scene, made contact with Baca and took him into custody without incident.
The peaceful end to this search was only possible because of a coordinated effort involving multiple members of the community, the Baca family, the Lindsey Law Office, the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, the New Mexico State Police, the Curry County Sheriff’s Office, the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office, the Santa Rosa Police Department, the Portales Police Department, and the Clovis Police Department.
Anthony Baca was transported to the Curry County Adult Detention Center. Arrest warrants for Assault with Intent to Commit a Violent Felony on a Peace Officer ($75,000.00 cash), Failure to Appear ($40,000.00 cash), District Court Violation of
Conditions of Release (Hold Without Bond), and District Court Failure to Appear for Pre-Trial ($5,000.00 cash) were served on

Clovis Police Officer Shot – 900 blk. Wallace – 08/30/2016

On Monday, August 29, 2016, at about 11:37 p.m., Officer Caron of the Clovis Police Department was patrolling the area of the 900 block of Wallace Street in Clovis, New Mexico, when he conducted a traffic stop of a bicycle for a minor traffic offense.
Officer Caron made contact with the rider of the bicycle who was identified as Anthony Baca (34 years of age). A warrant check was run on Baca and Clovis Police Department Dispatched relayed Baca had an outstanding felony arrest warrant for failure to appear in court for his person. Officer Caron told Baca he was under arrest and as he attempted to handcuff Baca, Baca resisted Officer Caron’s attempt to arrest him and fled on foot. Officer Caron gave chase and informed dispatch he was in a foot pursuit. During the chase, Baca attempted to scale a fence. Officer Caron ordered Baca to stop and deployed his Taser ECD in effort to gain control of Baca. Baca was not incapacitated by the Taser. Officer Caron stated Baca raised his right arm, he heard a loud bang, saw the muzzle flash from a firearm and immediately felt a burning sensation in his left thigh. Officer Caron went to the ground and was able to draw his pistol, but by this time Baca had fled the scene. Officer Caron radioed
dispatch relaying a “shots fired” call.
Additional Officers from the Clovis Police Department arrived on scene. Officer Caron was given first aid and was transported to Plains Regional Medical Center by Clovis Fire Department  ambulance. Officer Caron was treated for his wound and was
subsequently released from the hospital. A perimeter was set in the area of the shooting. Officers of the Clovis Police Department, Curry County Sheriff’s Office, and New Mexico State Police searched for Baca but were unable to locate him.
An arrest warrant has been generated for Anthony Baca for; Assault with Intent to Commit a Violent Felony Upon a Peace Officer (2nd degree felony), Aggravated Battery on a Peace Officer (3rd degree felony), and Resisting, Evading, or Obstructing a Police Officer (misdemeanor). The bond for the warrant is set at $75,000.00 cash only. The Clovis Police Department is asking for the community’s help in finding this violent suspect. If you have any information as to Anthony Baca’s whereabouts, please contact law enforcement, 911, Crime Stoppers or TipSoft.